2 Pack Grab Bars for Bathroom, Shower Handle, Handicap Grab Bars for Bathtubs and Showers Shower


As a kid I was in gymnastics but I never did the uneven bars as they looked too intimidating.  I was better off on the floor until NOW…now I am doing the uneven bars every day!  -when I take a shower. 

Showering is something you want to try to do independently when you can.  It can be a journey to get there…and you must be careful and take precautions along the way.  Shower bars, placed properly, along with a seat, can make this happen for you as it has for me.

Now, take care to set the placement of the bars just right.  You will need help and should find placement (with assistance) when the shower is dry and you can take some time to get it “just right”.  There are temporary bars that attach with suction cups to find what can work for you (before you install permanent bars as I have now).  The suction cups work best on flat tile, not ridged or dimensional. 

There are many different brands, and are available at most big drug stores, as well as Walmart and Amazon.  I am showing a basic brand from Amazon that I have used.

One warning: if you are using the suction cup variety, they should be checked for stability BEFORE you shower.  The cup can lose its “suck” over time…what a strange sentence that is!

Suggestion: Place temporary suction-cup style bars and put them into practice, adjusting when need be, and then you will know where to anchor permanent bars.

Personally, this is an item that had made such a difference there’s nothing better then feeling clean and accessing the shower alone.

Splish splash enjoy your bath!