Ch. 4 | Upright Learning to Walk

This picture is probably 3 weeks into learning to walk, and there were many
challenges starting with no feeling in my leg and foot so learning to position
my foot without looking at it all the time was extremely difficult. The other
main struggle is the lack of strength. I’m not talking about the strength your
limbs like you might normally think but in my core, each step took so much

energy. Making the brain think of each step is odd to start out with, and
then to muscle the energy to follow through was an immense challenge.
There was one funny thing about this moment that I was being commended
on for using my glutes. I said that’s good, and I’d try to focus on them more
if I knew where they were. We had a good laugh.

This was a good day. I can tell as I look fairly centered, and not leaning to
my left, with no real grimace on my face. I’m starting to make progress. Not
too much further from now they’ll be having me get on all kinds of machines
which is quite funny. Stay tuned