Meet Bella-Boo

Hello Everyone,

My name is Bella and I am eight years old. I’ll be nine in December, at least that’s what they tell me. I’m a mutt. I know I have Chihuahua in me and some kind of terrier, but nobody is really sure what kind. My mom (Maria) rescued me in February of 2018 from the humane society in Naperville IL. The story goes that it was late morning on a Friday and she was at her desk and my little face popped up on her screen. I think she had been half-heartedly searching for a dog and she had set some alerts-but I am pretty cute, so maybe that’s what prompted her to come and see me. 

I had been in the humane society for about three months. I had a pretty happy life before that but my first mom was elderly and had some health issues and she had to go live somewhere else, so she had to leave me. The humane society was very tough on a little dog like me. It was loud and scary in there, and there were lots of big dogs, Oh, and I almost forgot, they called me Stella! There was another doggie in there at the same time and her name was Bella, so they changed my name – kinda weird right?

They came to my kennel that Friday morning and brought me into the conference room to visit with Maria. I had been in that room before to meet people, but sometimes I would bark because I was scared, and with other people…I don’t know, I just didn’t feel comfortable – so nobody took me home. When they left me with Maria I was shy and went to the other side of the room and kind of just looked at her. She didn’t try and get me to come over to her right away, she just sat quietly and smiled at me. It’s hard to explain, but she made me feel safe so I finally went over and sat by her leg.

I remember looking up at her and how she looked at me while she rubbed my back. I really liked her.

She had to get back to work, so it was back to my kennel and all the noise and I remember how sad I felt that she had left. I tried to be brave while I was in the shelter, I can be sassy and sometimes I pretend that I am tough but in reality – I’m just little and after Maria left, I never felt so lonely and scared in my whole life. 

Obviously, my mom came back to get me, more on that later and we’ve been together – through thick and thin – for almost 6 years. And now my mom started this blog, and I get to have my own little corner on social media. Fair warning- I’m sassy and opinionated and for a little Chihuahua, I’m pretty articulate.