Mobility Queen’s Yoga Pant Showdown

This one is for the ladies! I’ve found that I wear yoga pants a lot these days! They are easy to put on with my lessened abilities on my left side, comfortable, and yes, can even look quite good to wear out on the town! I’ve found a few styles I want to share with you that make my outfit selections easier and make me more comfortable too!


Option 1: Everyday yoga pants

For working out or staying in, no workout is needed to select these pants. In fact, I haven’t worked out in them in several years but I wear them about 95% of the time!

Why I like them:

  • Affordably priced
  • Well-shaped with a boot-cut leg that covers my brace and thins out what it can from the knee up.
  • Tummy Control- These have a little extra coverage for those extra pandemic unmentionables, or what I fondly refer to as my ‘buddha belly’. I keep rubbing it hoping for a great outcome- nothing yet, stay tuned.
  • They are very comfortable and can be dressed up a bit with a blazer or nice top and a piece of jewelry. For jewelry- I always suggest a statement piece- a big bracelet, cuff, or larger necklace- a nice pretty thing to draw attention to it and one that you can put on and take off yourself, if possible. More on this to come in ‘Fix me Up to Pick me Up’.

Every Day Favorite

Option 2: A dressier option yet still comfortable and still pretty easy to put on with one hand.

Style- Spanx Awesome Fancy Pants

What I like:

  • A bit more style and super snug supportive for that “not so much laying around” look. This might be a day that even calls for a little makeup and maybe even getting a mani?

A Dressier Option

Spanx Sister Awesome Fancy Pants