Peninsula State Park – Door County, WI

I highly recommend starting your Peninsula State Park trip with a visit to the fire tower. I’m not quite sure when these renovations happened, but the tower has been completely revamped and a ramp added to accommodate people like me. Don’t be afraid of the steep stairs in the middle of the tower – I’ve got you covered. There is a handicap accessible ramp (complete with a railing) with a very gradual ascent all the way to the top.

There is a Spectacular view at the top of the tower and it’s completely worth the effort.

IMPORTANT- the complete trek to the top is a ¼ mile, however there are benches spaced throughout the entire climb that offer the luxury of a needed respite – fair warning- there are no railings at the bench sites, so I did have to resort to my cane during these sections.

What goes up must come down. ¼ mile up means a ¼ mile down so I did use my wheel chair on the

The whole area in Door County is charming and beautiful. The Fall is
spectacular with the color change on the trees, and summers are great

One last important aside – there are some steep hills in and around
Door County, so if you’re planning on a wheelchair ride, make sure your
driver is an Olympic Decathlete.

*The Decathalon is one of the most grueling events in the Olympics-
but pushing a wheelchair around sister bay Wisconsin would make the
Decathalon seem like a walk in the park.


  1. Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant – yes there are goats grazing
    on the roof. (check out the goat cam on their site) This is a great place for a view of the Marina in Sister Bay. There are benches at the Marina to soak up the view. Great for a cup of coffee and to sit down for a few.
  2. The Chef’s Hat
  3. Trixie’s
  4. White Gull Inn
  5. Sweeties Pies of Door County
  6. Bea’s Ho-Made Products