THE GOTUBB – It’s not “Pill-Popping”, it’s “Box-Top Popping”!

Amazon 3pack $11.99 Paula

Before my stroke I never imagined I’d have to take so much medicine every day.  From several pills to relieve muscle stiffness, to (of course) high blood pressure remedies…and then some.  I am determined to follow the regiment, be consistent, and, as always, do this with the least amount of assistance as I can!  Now…it’d be nice if there was one giant-sized chocolate-covered pill to take once a month…but until that is developed (get to work, Pfizer or anyone!) I’m following directions and this handy Gotubb has made all the difference.

The Go Tubb is the simplest ONE HANDED easy opening

pill box I’ve found!  You just squeeze it and the lid pops off!  It’s great for travel and, when you have only one hand to rely on, does the trick.  Every little thing that grants me independence is welcomed by me!

I recommend it.  I find it most helpful on my nightstand for when I need that assistance, or if I’m going out of the house for a longer day, it keeps my medicines handy and easily accessible in my purse and easy to open on my own…GO TUBB works for me, when I’m on the GO (always!).