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Live lace-free, like me!

Friends, I want to tell you about an amazing product that makes life easier every day! Zubits are amazing magnetic shoe closures, lace them up one time, and from then on simply open and close them with the magnet. They give me the freedom to wear the shoes that I choose, “lace up” for myself and get out and about, even with my AFO brace. They have been a life-changing help to me so I want to be sure you know about them!

Now you know a bit more about Zubits, but I want to tell you I wear them every day! I have multiple sets, colors, etc. for use with every pair of shoes I wear. The BEST thing about them is that I can wear my AFO brace comfortably in my shoe, have my laces tied where I need them, and put on/remove my shoes myself even though my left arm has limited mobility! Whenever I go to Shirley Ryan or Marianjoy rehabilitation centers, patients and doctors are amazed by them too!

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note – works with AFO brace.